3 way to hold yourself accountable



Welcome to our Blog, Peace & Blessings to you and your loved ones.

With so much information in the world, we can feel overwhelmed at times, and because of this here at “Self Aware Being” we are committed to making valuable content for our families and community. 

Here are 3 tools to help you hold yourself accountable when your head can be cloudy or overworked. 

#1 Meditate and silence the noise in your mind for at least 10 minutes per day.

Our thoughts are like waves, they come and go, and depending on where you are in life our drive and intention will determine where our EMOTIONS come to life. As spiritual beings having a human experience it is normal to have good & negative thoughts but on the journey to your true self will start to question those thoughts allow us to decide if we want those thought to continue or stop them by analyzing them and asking yourself if they are here to hold you back to loft you higher. Meditation is a great way to silence the mind and problem-solve from your core instead of external influences. Make your mental clarity a priority from now on. 

Here are my favorite meditations & Breathwork videos and sounds on Youtube 

#2 Manage your time (Energy).

Time manifests itself into memories, those memories can grow into great stories or regrets. Our present moment is all that matters so after you meditate be intentional with your time and energy. Decide that Longevity is created from a place of love and respect, Respect for yourself and the ones your love and your beautiful grandchildren and their children that will come after you. Your time can live on forever or disappear forever. We have the power to step into OUR GREATNESS  and go home to our  True Self where everything is possible. Self Awareness & Planning are key to building a more Proactive life. 

Google Calendar is a great place to start keeping track of where your time is going. Study yourself. Our actions build our road map if we Don't decide to write our map. Intention and action, not emotion and action. We are in control. Only you know what takes space in your heart in mind.

#3  Have someone to communicate with and hold you accountable.

This person is someone you Respect and Respects you. These types of friends are God's way of sending us an angel that adjusts our crown when we forget who we truly are. Sometimes just saying things out loud to people that love you can make such a difference.  Remember, You are not alone. 

 I want to remind everyone that documenting (notebook) our thoughts is a great way to know what's on your mind. A lot of clarity comes from Knowing who you are now and what brings you the most Peace & Joy 

Keep doing your best.  

 Peace & Love Self Aware Beings. Go Be Great. Love Y’all. 

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